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Commencement 2014

Thursday is Graduation Night for our fabulous Seniors! Here’s your important info:

After School Thursday, meet in the bleachers down at the football field by 3:10 PM. Be prompt, organized and ready for roll. Mic check is at 3:30, or as soon as the setup will allow for the check. We will be done by 4:00. I will be prompt, too!

Dress is as follows:
          *If you are a doubler, wear the uniform of the playing group.
          *If you are a Senior, wear your cap and gown.
          *If you are singing only (not a senior and not playing)...
            Ladies-- Skirt and blouse or spring dress, or khakis or better and nice top
            Gentlemen--Khakis or better and shirt and tie, “dressier” shoes
                NO denim and NO athletic shoes.

Meeting Time is 6:10 in the Choir Room for roll. This includes Seniors. See a Choir Parent or helper for attendance, just like on Concert Nights.
          *Expect some parking and traffic congestion issues!!
          *Please be prompt. Part of your credit is for punctuality, so plan ahead!

Singing time is in the time frame of 6:40-6:50. You will be finished before 7:00. You then have three options:
          1. You are free to go if you have no playing or “graduating responsibilities”
          2. You play in the orchestra or line up for graduation if you are involved
          3. You may go into the bleachers with family/friends or leave the stadium.
              You may not just “hang around” after singing. Please make arrangements!!

Thanks for making Thursday special for our Seniors!!--Senior Families, Mr. R & Mrs. Mahaney

Other Announcements
  • Updated information for High School Choirs! - Check out the updated calendar and handbook information on the High School Choirs Page.

  • Purchase concert recordings - Concert recordings may be purchased by sending your request to the following address:

    Fresh Look Video
    7584 Brewer Dr.
    Hudsonville, MI 49426

    • Request the date, time and title of the concert
    • Each DVD is $10 (check made out to Fresh Look Video)
    • Here is the list of concerts that were recorded:
      • Tuesday, April 1, 7:30 pm
      • Wednesday, MAy 14, 8:00 pm
      • Thursday, May 15, 8:00 p